IFILMFRANCE : experience & innovation

A unique blend of highly experienced film makers and innovative young French producers.

IFILMFRANCE is a unique production service which combines the experience of senior European line producers with the creativity and enthusiasm of young French production managers, location managers and fixers.

The managing team of senior producers bring their vast experience of senior producers coordinating productions start-to-finish and work on a daily basis with a young and gifted production team. Thanks to this unique marriage of experience and innovation, IFILMFRANCE was able over the last years to oversee different international projects, from one-day TV documentaries, still shoots or TV commercials to some of the most difficult and demanding feature films.

Whatever the size of the project and the financial possibilities, the goal of our company is to provide you with the right solution through the right team, which will be selected to answer the specificities of the project.

The strength of a European network: IFILMEUROPE

The European Union has become a borderless community where professionals and businesses work across the continent.

IFILMFRANCE benefits fully from Europe’s status as a single space and is a member of the film producer network IFILMEUROPE

All line production companies selected and developed by IFILMEUROPE, such as IFILMFRANCE for France, are governed by a code of ethics to ensure the very best service as local film line producers.

The individual companies of this network are independent and benefit from the vast expertise, feedback, support and overall synergy of this unique European network.

IFILM FRANCE : offices & branches


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