Our Work

A short selection of our work.

We’ve worked on an enormous variety of film shoots over the years and cannot list them all here, so we’re presenting a showcase of selections We’ve collaborated on music videos, live-action animated film, fashion shoots, a charity road trip, and many other special events. Our past projects also range from simple TV programs to full-length films.

Our diverse portfolio of film production services doesn’t stop there. We also offer TV commercials and other corporate film production—a fantastic tool for businesses looking to tell their story or convey their brand message in a dynamic and engaging way.

Likewise, our clients include some of the biggest directors and producers from around the world, including Europe, the USA, Canada, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia.

We coordinate all film projects—no matter whether your destination is, be it in Paris or elsewhere—from simple location scouting to complete film production facilities and services that include scouting, casting, location permits, crew and equipment, hotel booking, transportation, and more.

Thanks to our natural, unforced approach to film shooting, our production team expertly captures raw, genuine moments—curating a narrative that feels organic and true to life. Our flexible and experienced team is perfect for any narrative and budget.

We hope you enjoy exploring all the experience we can offer you in our examples below.