Experience an amazing variety of locations and the highest standards of filmmaking

France offers film professionals Europe’s broadest range of locations and atmospheres

There’s more to France than the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Montmartre. Even if the endless locations in Paris are enough to please the most demanding filmmaker, with us you’ll discover reason to move beyond it’s ring road to the astounding variety of atmospheres and locations available in just one country: France.

Because of its extraordinary diversity of landscapes, France even lends itself to playing substitute for any other country in Europe and even some beyond. And then of course, you can’t beat France as France !

This variety of locations and longstanding tradition of cinematic excellence make France an exceptionally attractive destination for any type of production.

At IFILMFRANCE, our strength lies in our unique ability to coordinate your film in or across any of the country’s regions. From our main office centrally located in Paris we have developed branches in Nice to cover the South of France, in Chamonix to cover the Alps mountains, in Bastia to cover the Corsican island and in Bordeaux to cover the Atlantic regions.

France is Europe’s most prolific producer of films, offering the highest European standard of crews, talents and film equipment providers and services which are guaranteed to add real production value to your project

In 2010 alone, France released close to 230 features: the European record and 3rd in the world after India and US.

The French film industry is well-grounded outside Paris as well, with cities like Nice, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lyon serving as hubs for regional film crews and film equipment suppliers and making France one gigantic film set from the Belgian and German borders to the Italian and Spanish borders, from Europe’s tallest mountain to the flat wheat plains of central France, from the gentle swells of the Mediterranean to the pounding surf of the Atlantic.

From top stunts specialists, to ingenious grips and gaffers, high qualified camera crews, creative make-up and wardrobe teams and a vast selection of multilingual talents, France and IFILMFRANCE offer you the quality and understanding you are looking for to complete your specific project under excellent conditions.

Your gateway to France

France offers various incentives, tax rebates and government aid to foreign film projects

Through the years we have developed close ties with many official authorities and a real competence in matters of incentives such as the new TRIP (Tax rebate for International production) developed by the French government to attract and assist foreign film makers wishing to shoot in France.

Working with us means you’ll have at your disposal the best expertise available in France to help your project to happen with best financial solutions.

Our mission at IFILMFRANCE is to work out optimal in-budget solutions to whatever production issues you may be facing. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.


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From medieval villages in Dordogne, snowy peaks in the Alps, lavender fields and olive trees in Provence, white sand beaches and a clear blue sea in Corsica, stately castles in the Loire Valley, endless beaches and verdant horse farms in Normandy, rolling hills of grapevines in Burgundy, modern architecture in Montpellier, the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheater and tree-lined lanes everywhere you look, you are sure to find the locations you are looking for in France.